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The Royson Access Statement


The Royson guest accommodation offers comfortable, adequately spacious rooms comprising of…

4 double room’s en-suite
2 family room’s en-suite
1 twin room en-suite
1 single room en-suite

No ground floor rooms are presently on offer and The Royson is unsuitable for wheelchair access, but is
suitable for able bodied persons and person’s dependant on one walking stick.
The Royson will be locked at all times and keys issued for the front door on arrival with the room keys
The Royson also offers a spacious Breakfast room catering for 18 persons

Initial access to The Royson

Access on arrival is via the main front door to the left of the property identified by the stained glass door
stating The Royson, and a doorbell to the right of the door.

There is a doorstep of 6.5cm high.
There is a doorframe step of 10.5 cm high.
Entrance to corridor and reception is found through the first door to the right with a step of 3cm.

Secondary access to The Royson can be found via the conservatory double doors, with a step of 6.5cm
high, leading to a doorstep of 14cm high. Here will be found soft seating, a selection of literature, with
children’s toys and books.

The reception desk is 95.5cm high equipped with card payment facilities, insurance, fire and tourist board
certificates and general information.

Within the reception area you will find the guest lounge offering comfortable seating.

Directly opposite to the reception door is the spacious dining room and breakfast buffet.

To the right of the reception desk are two doors; to the far right is the kitchen, no public access is allowed.

The door to the near right is to the owner’s private accommodation, again no public access is allowed.

First floor

Access is found back through the reception door and turn right, then through the fire door and turn right.

Proceed up 15 stairs with handrails to both the right and left hand side, to rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4, all en-suite; and room 5 with a separate bathroom found directly opposite room 5’s door.

To the left of the bathroom door of room 5 you will find the airing cupboard and further to the right the linen cupboard both offering no public access.

All rooms are accessible to able body persons and people dependent on one walking stick.

Second floor

Turn right at the top of the first flight of stairs, past rooms 1 and 2 and proceed along a small corridor to 3
stairs and a small landing.

Turn to the right on the landing and proceed up 12 stairs to gain access to rooms 6, 7 and 9, all en-suite.

All rooms are accessible to able body persons and people dependent on one walking stick.

Fire exits

All external doors are fitted with fixed keys for immediate access. Conservatory doors have one standard key permanently in position for immediate access.

Room windows on the first floor open wide onto a flat roof for emergency exit with the exception of room 3. It is requested of guests that should this method of escape be used, room doors remain closed but unlocked before exiting the building, in cases where someone may need to exit through another guest’s room.

A further emergency exit is through the window on the small landing to the second floor onto a flat roof.

Please note windows should only be used as a means of escape when all other possible routes are blocked.

Access Statement Validated with Owners/ Proprietors
Mr Nigel and Mrs Sharon Hunt
November 2017

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